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Biopek was born by the will of Giuseppe (Pippo) Messina. A genuine story that has its roots in a small artisan workshop in Gibellina, a small town in the Valle del Belice in the province of Trapani, where pecorino cheeses purchased from local producers were aged and packaged.


We choise to exploit the best Sicilian cheese tradition, affering our customers the cheese high quality products in compliance with sicilian traditions, ensuring maximum safety in the field hygiene and quality. Biopek with its modern equipement, respects tradition


Always attentive to resources, we work every day to optimize and reduce consumption, we adopt measures and technologies that allow to reduce the impact on the territory. Because resources are not inexhaustible and we must protect them.


Il Latte di Pecora della Valle del Belice

We have always set ourselves the choice of the best raw materials to obtain a quality production respecting the traditions, trying to enhance the peculiarities of our territory. We bring on your tables products that speak about us and the positive values ​​of our land, sharing them in Italy and in the world. 

We are distinguished by enthusiasm and the desire to offer new solutions, offering our experiences for the development of partnership projects that create value for our customers. We feel responsible for what we do and costantly try to improve ourselves while remaining faithful to our values. The  Biopek  sheep's milk cheese is made from milk coming from the sunny siclian hills and from shepherd's long experience in the absolute respect of the peasant tradition.The milk coming from the "Valle del Belice" sheep is rich in natural microflora and enzymes becouse it is nourished with natural pasture such milk is then processed using lamb's natural rennet. The "fruit" (such is its traditional name) is then preserved by expert hands and brought to the right degree of maturation in the uncontaminate environment of the sicilian hills.


Biopek  snc di A. e P. Messina

Via Empedocle,11 - Gibellina (TP)   + 39 0924 67984

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