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The first historical documents that inform us about cheese, dating back to 3000 BC at the time of the Sumerians and Egyptians. Find information about the Sicilian cheeses thanks to the documents of the period classical greek, particularly Plinio in his "Naturalis Historia" cites the Sicilian cheeses among the best. The cheese-making tradition Sicilian has an illustrious history and quality. Suffice it to recall the ancient custom of gifting that included dairy products for special events and religious festivals.
The  Biopek  sheep's milk cheese is made from milk coming from the sunny siclian hills and from shepherd's long experience in the absolute respect of the peasant tradition.The milk coming from the "Valle del Belice" sheep is rich in natural microflora and enzymes becouse it is nourished with natural pasture such milk is then processed using lamb's natural rennet. The "fruit" (such is its traditional name) is then preserved by expert hands and brought to the right degree of maturation in the uncontaminate environment of the sicilian hills.

Environmental impact and

energy saving

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We have chosen to valorize the best of Sicilian cheese-making tradition, offering consumers high-quality cheeses, produced in compliance with the customs and traditions of Sicily, guaranteeing maximum safety hygiene and quality.

Events and fairs

Biopek with its modern installations, respects the tradition.

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